TDN Law Group is a premier criminal defense firm that specializes in the representation and advocacy of individuals and entities facing criminal prosecution or investigations. TDN Law Group is led by Thanh D. Ngo, an experienced, tenacious and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. Mr. Ngo is a former prosecutor with over sixteen years of criminal law experience.  He has served as a senior prosecutor in three different counties (Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and San Francisco).  Mr. Ngo has prosecuted countless cases—ranging from misdemeanor and felony DUIs, to sexual assaults and homicides.   Importantly, Mr. Ngo has tried 38 cases, in the event your matter requires trial.

Mr. Ngo is an expert in the field of narcotics, having worked with both state and federal narcotics agencies. In Santa Clara County, Mr. Ngo was one of the first prosecutors in to use state wiretap laws to investigate large drug trafficking organizations. Similarly, in Santa Cruz County, he led the countywide narcotics task force charged with the prosecution of large-scale manufacturing and distribution of methamphetamine and PCP.

Mr. Ngo is also an expert in defending drug and DUI charges. Having prosecuted thousands of DUIs, Mr. Ngo has specialized knowledge of weaknesses of a DUI case at every stage – from the legality of the stop, to the analysis of breath, blood or urine.

Nobody should face the power and the resources of the government without vigorous and knowledgeable representation. When faced with a criminal matter and your liberty is at stake, you need the experience, advocacy and knowledge of an attorney like Mr. Ngo.